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The Royale
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The Royale is the heart of this town. There's a beat to it, and the people of Old Town, they're its blood. They stumble in here weak and flow out stronger, and drunker, but more hopeful, more alive.” – Pree[1]


The Royale is a bar in Old Town on Westerley, owned and operated by Pree. The establishment provides various types of entertainment, from drinks and games in the bar to sexers in rooms upstairs.[2] The Killjoys trio provides security for the bar in exchange for free drinks.[3]

Dr. Pawter Simms operates a medical clinic in rooms above the bar as well.[4]

Behind the bar is a trap door that leads down to the tunnels below Old Town.[5]

Bar Room Entertainment

A musician (Wolf Saga) singing in The Royale.

Pree brings in a number of local musicians to provide entertainment to his patrons.

After the Bombing of Old Town

Hill's final drink

The windows were shattered during the bombing of Old Town,[6] and there was heavy damage to the upper level, however the ground floor was largely intact.[7]

It was briefly taken over by Gared, however Dutch challenged him to a fight for ownership of the bar on Pree's behalf.[7]

After Pree regained ownership of the bar he brought on Sabine as a bartender. She had previously worked in the mine's Canteen.[8]