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Three Mutineers
Season 5, Episode 6
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Air Date        August 23, 2019
Written By       Adam Barken
Directed By       James Genn
A Bout, A Girl
Cherchez La Bitch

Three Mutineers is the sixth episode of Season 5 of Killjoys, as well as the forty sixth episode of the series.

This episode aired on August 23, 2019 on Syfy and Space.

Dutch's prison takeover is thwarted by an unexpected hostage situation, leaving her, D'avin and John scrambling for a new plan.


After Sparlo and Coren mutiny the Supermax and the inmates take over the institution, Johnny and the Warden, having successfully played dead to avoid being made actually dead, are forced to pair up for their own protection.

Dutch and D'av are escorted to the de facto HQ, where Sparlo and Coren are butting heads. Coren wants to ransom the last surviving Q'reshi nobles back to their family, while Sparlo wants to make haste out of the jail with the ship. The two plans are seemingly irreconcilable, and so...guns are drawn.

Meanwhile on Westerley, Khlyen is exploiting a recently-awakened Gared's devotion to Pree, against him. He tasks him with finding Pree before The Lady gets him first, and kills him. Of course, Khlyen is acting on The Lady's behalf to locate Pree so she can punish him for destroying part of her fleet.

Dutch intervenes between Coren and Sparlo, and throws down. She agrees they're going to need money to provide for their mutineers when they wake up, but cautions Coren against optimistically inviting the Q'reshi to parlay on the ship. She suggests they use her as their cover Warden, and she can make up a story about how she only lost control of one section of the ship, and is waiting for the Q'reshi to send back up.

While traipsing through the forest, Delle Seyah and Aneela kiss and they realize something about the other: Delle Seyah is human, and Aneela is still, improbably, Hullen.

Dutch, dressed as the Warden, is being supervised by Sparlo in the Warden's cockpit. She uses this opportunity to turn Sparlo against Coren, and peel away at their provisional partnership. Once she gets him on her side, she makes the call to the Q'reshi's.

Unfortunately, Dutch and Sparlo's agreement is curtailed when Coren kills Sparlo, ridding himself of what he thinks is dead weight.

Gared and Pree meet up for some afternoon delight, after which Gared swaps out Pree's RAC handheld for his own.

D'av escorts the other Q'reshi and a guard to where the Q'reshi noblewoman has been hiding out. The three of them are taken into custody as they await hostage negotiations.

The Q'reshi emissary shows up and greets who they believe is the Warden, but is in reality Dutch. She spins a story about the takeover, and that the hostage-takers want one million joy in exchange. Captain Pike says that should be fine, and retires to his ship to make a call. But something seems too easy. While Dutch and the Q'reshi were parlaying, a rear guard was planting a bomb on the ship. A bomb which Johnny and the real Warden successfully deactivated just in time.

Meanwhile, on Westerly, Zeph has gathered Pree and Fancy Lee to debrief her findings. Only, she doesn't know that Pree's handheld device is acting as a one-way transmitter to Khlyen, making him privy to her discoveries.

Under Johnny's direction, Nucy takes control of the ship, and notifies Dutch that the Q'reshi, who have just returned, are not here to pay but plant bombs around the ship. This doesn't wash well with Coren, and a firefight commences.

Things get discombobulated, and Dutch takes a chance to usurp Coren. She grapples with him when his second-in-command comes up, and, surprisingly, finishes the job. It was payback for Coren killing Sparlo.

Zeph receives a transmission from Johnny with his and the other Killjoys' location. When Pree and Zeph get to the part about the Q'reshis trying to blow up the ship, with them on it, Khlyen deletes the audio file.

In sequestration, D'av and the Q'reshi nobles prepare to defend themselves against the security forces sent by the Nine to eliminate the heirs apparent. Fortunately for them, they don't need to fight, as Johnny and Dutch vanquish the assailants before they breach the room. It's on to the next set of bad guys.

When Khlyen finds out that the Killjoys are in danger, he wants to intercede to save Dutch. But The Lady takes issue with this. He tries to convince her it's necessary, when they see a transport vessel presumably holding the Killjoys disappear. Khlyen thinks it's blown up, and they have too.

Of course, Johnny has merely deployed a cloaking device around the prison ship while the transport vessel was exploding, to make it seem like they blew up and evade The Lady.

Delle Seyah and Aneela, to keep Jaq safe from The Lady, escort him back to the cube, where he will remain until Aneela feels confident she can beat The Lady.

And back on Westerly, Pree and Fancy Lee get ambushed by RAC agents sent by The Lady.

While they have a moment to breathe, Johnny comes clean to Dutch. He's been feeling weird, not about their relationship, but about the kind of lifestyle he had when he was under the influence of the brainwashing showers. He wants the adventure without all the killing and near-dying and stuff. So Dutch orders him to take a year off Killjoying when they get out of this mess.

Cast & Characters

Main Cast

Guest Stars

Additional Cast

  • Christian Bako as Red Coat
  • Rachael Ancheril as The Warden
  • Clare McConnell as Evi Robbel
  • Kjartan Hewitt as Sylas Robbel
  • Alain Goulem as Sparlo
  • Richard Chevolleau as Tattoo-Face Guy
  • Dmitry Chepovetsky as Coren Jeers
  • Alanna Bale as The Lady
  • Steve Boyle as Tempet
  • Peter Deiwick as Black Root Commander
  • Martin Roach as Captain Pike
  • Tim MacLean as Prisoner
  • Stephne Halliburn as Weathered Woman
  • Kip Brown as Rankev



  • James Genn


Executive Producers