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The United Republic is a political entity spanning several star systems in the J Star Cluster, out near the Rim.


The United Republic spans several star systems including the Korel system.


The United Republic's military includes the Imperial Marines of the United Republic (IMUR).

Involvement in the Quad

The Aegir

The IMUR is involved in Black Ops in The Quad. The IMUR ship Aegir, disguised as a cargo ship, was on a mission to test experimental Black Ops enhanced interrogation methods for intelligence gathering through the use of nanites to torture prisoners, interrogating them for information on Red 17. A solar flare damaged the engines and computer systems, leaving the vessel adrift in Sector DX-012 in the asteroid belt near Arkyn, as well as causing the nanites to glitch and get stuck in a continuous interrogation loop.[1]

The Black Ops program in the Quad indicates that the United Republic is aware of the Hullen and is gathering intelligence regarding how far Aneela's forces have progressed in dominating the J Star Cluster.