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Gender Male
Relationships Unknown
Occupation Hullen
Actor Ishan Morris
First Johnny Dangerously
Last The Kids Are Alright

Weej is a recurring character appearing in Season 4 of Killjoys.

He is portrayed by actor Ishan Morris.


Weej is a Hullen that was “shut off” when the green plasma was frozen. Zeph realized that his brainwaves kept repeating the same pattern, like he was glitching. She passed a low-level charge through his brain to interrupt the feedback loop and reset him. Any residual damage was healed by the Hullen parasite.[1] Zeph then used a electro-neural loop to control him.

He became an assistant and confidant of Turin after being reset.

Weej died along with a team of Killjoys while attempting to infiltrate the Hullen occupied RAC Cruiser.[2]


Killjoys: Season 4
Johnny Dangerously (appears) Bro-d Trip (appears) Greening Pains (appears) O Mother, Where Art Thou (appears) The Kids Are Alright (appears)