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Westerley resistance
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In the Quad, the Resistance refers to an anti-Company opposition movement based in Westerley's Old Town.

The movement seeks to end the oppression of the Company and establish Westerley's independence.[1] The Resistance has a network of members and informants throughout the Quad.

Hector Feraanz, an officer the Company's security forces, is instrumental in providing information to the Resistance. He supplied intel on security force weapons locations and emergency bunker schematics to Alvis Akari.[2] He also supplied information of a build up of security forces for an impending operation but did not know what that operation would be. Alvis used that information to steal Company weapons and smuggle them through Old Town.[3]

Conspiracy in The Quad

The Company, in coordination with The Nine families of Qresh, set up the Leith Bazaar Massacre and blamed the attack on the Resistance as part of a larger conspiracy. The Company arrested Alvis, charged him with sedition and mass murder for planning and executing the massacre, and sentenced him to death. Meanwhile Dutch, Johnny, and D'avin uncovered information that showed the Company was behind the massacre, however before it could be used to help, Alvis was able to escape Westhole Prison with the unknowing help of Dutch and some special prayer beads.[4]

Alvis used the bunker schematics, along with access codes obtained from the Rat King, to open the bunkers and shelter Old Town residents and Tunnel Rats while the city was being bombed.[5]

Members and Allies

  • Alvis Akari - A Scarback Monk and popular Resistance leader.
  • Rolly Desh (deceased) - A resistance member who favored all-out war against the company.
  • Hector Feraanz - A member of the Company security forces who acts as an informant for the Resistance.