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Yalena Kin Rit
Yalena Kin Rit.jpg
Gender Female
Relationships Khlyen (Husband)
Aneela (Daughter)
Dutch (Genetic Daughter)
Jaqobis Kin Rit (Grandson via Aneela)
Occupation Qreshi Noble
Actor Karen Glave
First O Mother, Where Art Thou
Last Sporemageddon

Yalena Kin Rit, is a character appearing in Season 4 of Killjoys.

She is portrayed by actress Karen Glave.


Yalena Kin Rit is a member of Land Kin Rit, the very first family of the Ten original royal Qresh noble families and wife of Khlyen. When she found out that Khlyen and her daughter Aneela had become Hullen, she was upset. Khlyen placed her in a Cryopod on a secret moon and promised to go back and get her after she convinced him to save Aneela from her fate. She told him to only come back for her if he either saved Aneela or failed to save Aneela. He created the White Blade, and order of guardians, to watch over her and keep her safe.[1] In the series finale, Khlyen is shown to be going back to the planet where Yalena was, to go get her once The Lady was defeated and their daughter Aneela had been saved as he had promised.


Killjoys: Season 4
O Mother, Where Art Thou (appears) Sporemageddon (appears)