Killjoys Wiki
Gender Female
Relationships Clara (friend)
Olli (friend)
Niko (employer)
Occupation Hackmod Technician
Actor Emily Piggford
First Boondoggie
Last A Skinner, Darkly

Yoki is a recurring character appearing in Season 3 of Killjoys.

She is portrayed by actress Emily Piggford.


Yoki Pala is a Hackmod who was once owned by the Connaver Gang along with Clara. She and Clara first met when they were being illegally modified at The Factory. Like Clara, Yoki was able to escape the Connaver Gang and gain her freedom, eventually ending up in Rat City working for Niko.[1]

Clara searched her out in order to get help in stopping The Factory, and Yoki told her of the illegal skin morphing tech that Niko was using at the Livio Surgical Spa. Clara freaked out and started causing trouble. Niko found out about Clara and told Yoki that she had to make Clara disappear. So Yoki did, just not the way that Niko meant. Yoki used the skin of Abel Connaver, who used to own the both of them, to re-skin Clara and installed a memory jammer so that Clara could not remember who she was, other than her name was Olli.

It would have worked, except that Alice, Clara's gun arm, transmitted an SOS to John Jaqobis. Johnny was looking for Clara and brought Olli back to Rat City to track down Yoki in find out where his friend was.[2] After figuring out what Niko was doing, Johnny realized that Olli was in fact Clara and Yoki confessed what she had done and that she was unable to reverse the process to bring Clara back.


Killjoys: Season 3
Boondoggie (appears) A Skinner, Darkly (appears)