Killjoys Wiki
Gender Female
Relationships Zaia (sister)
Dutch (RAC Team Leader)
D'avin Jaqobis (RAC Team member)
John Jaqobis (RAC Team member)
Pippin (sexual relationship)
Occupation Former RAC Laboratory Technician
Killjoy (Level Three Agent, formerly)

Killjoy in the New RAC

Actor Kelly McCormack
First A Skinner, Darkly
Last Last Dance

Zephyr 'Zeph' Vos, is a recurring character appearing in Season 3, Season 4 and Season 5 of Killjoys.

She is portrayed by actress Kelly McCormack.

Zeph is a member of RAC team 25698-A[1], one of the top teams of bounty hunters in the Quad.

Now she is an agent in the New RAC formed to chase and track down The Lady's children which have been scattered all across the Quad.


Zeph grew up in an agrarian community on Leith, along with her sister Zaia, where she handled livestock. She ran away from her village at the age of 15 after she burned down the granary. The wheat was tainted with a poisonous fungus, but since she used science to figure it out, which was considered heresy, she was punished. As a result the village elders tried to marry her off to her second cousin which she did not accept and left.[2]

She has a background in biological studies and is employed as a new nerd laboratory technician for the RAC. She was tested, along with Benji Fuchs and McAvoy, by Dutch and D'avin in order to see if she had the skills necessary to become a RAC field agent and failed due to her need to prove her theories right first, which had a negative impact on the mission and the safety of the team.[3]

She failed as a result of identifying that the RAC test was a simulation while still inside, and forced their ejection by completing the initial mission which resulted in her virtual death. This identification was made by noting that even though all of the technicals were accurate, the biologicals were inconsistent with real life processes, such as the equal rate of contamination for all members of the team regardless of differences, and the lack of sweat on D'avin when Dutch was in a deadly situation. Even though she failed the RAC test Dutch ultimately brought her on to the team based upon her extensive knowledge and background in biological studies, which is needed to fight the Hullen.

Johnny has taken on the responsibility of mentoring her, with emphasis on communication, completing the mission, and keeping the team members safe.[4] He tasked her with the project of opening the Remnant after she temporarily abandoned the team to do an experiment with the Hullen ship they were flying. The experiment ultimately confirmed that D'avin, but originally assumed Dutch, was the biological key to the ships movements.

Zeph still leans toward trying to be the smartest person on the team, working on various projects, such as opening the Remnant but not letting the team know what she has found.[5] She accidentally discovered that by mixing D'avin's blood with the Green Plasma and touching it to the surface of the Remnant, a vial was revealed.


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